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ALL CERTI Entry Level Courses Approved

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Specific CERTI Continuing Education Course Approved – See list below

CERTI ID# NRPP ID# Course Name Credits Illinois ID#
C-4-102 CERTI-306 / NRPP 56 Becoming Proficient with Rad Elec EPERMs 4 RNTC2012-03
C-4-103 CERTI-309 / NRPP 60 Radon from a Physician’s Perspective 4 RNTC2012-04
C-4-104 CERTI-310 / NRPP 62 Interviews with Radon Experts 4 RNTC2012-06
C-4-105 CERTI-311 / NRPP 65 Radon Control Methods 4 RNTC2012-05
C-4-110 CERTI-324 Addressing RDP – Another Tool in the Toolbox 4 RNTC2019-03
C-8-101 CERTI-500 / NRPP 135 RRNC Practices: An Industry Discussion 8 RNTC2012-08
C-8-102 CERTI-501 / NRPP 136 Health Perspectives in Promoting RRNC 8 RNTC2012-10
C-8-104 CERTI-316 / NRPP 171 Design & Installation of Rn & Soil Gas Collection Systems 8 RNTC2012-17
C-8-106 CERTI-326 Technical Review of Rn Measurement & Mitigation Techniques 8 RNTC2019-02
C-8-107 CERTI-503 Incorporation of Rn Control Techniques in New Construction 8 RNTC2020-02
C-12-102 CERTI-312 / NRPP 110 Radon Entry & Meas in Tropical Climates 12 RNTC2011-11
C-12-103 CERTI-601 Advanced Rn Meas for Multi-Family and Other Large Bldgs 12 RNTC2016-07
C-16-102 CERTI-305 / NRPP 45B Radon & Radon Decay Product Measurements 16 RNTC2012-11
C-16-103 CERTI-308 / NRPP 59B Radon Mitigation Technology 16 RNTC2012-12
C-16-105 CERTI-314 / NRPP 138 Basis for Promoting Radon Reduction 16 RNTC2012-07
C-16-106 CERTI-315 / NRPP 153 Conducting Rn Surveys in Schools and Large Buildings 16 RNTC2012-16
C-16-108 CERTI-323 Addressing Radon in Daycare Facilities 16 RNTC2019-04
C-16-109 CERTI-325 Radon Challenges – Gnarly Tales from the Field 16 RNTC2019-05
C-16-111 CERTI-327 Presenting Radon Programs 16 RNTC2020-03

Radon services and certifications are regulated in the state of Illinois. If you intend to conduct your radon business here it is recommended that you contact the state radon contact to make sure you are complying with the state requirements.

You must be licensed by the state of Illinois by taking an NRPP or NRSB approved Entry Level Courses and passing their exam(s).  You will then will complete an application for the state of Illinois.


To maintain your certification, you will need to submit a total of 30 CEs during a 5 year period (6 CE credits per year) and submit to the state of Illinois.


Illinois Radon Fact Sheet

Illinois Radon Fact Sheet 05.24.22

2023 AARST Radon Report Card